Women’s workout pants inspired by the colors of summer

Workout pants inspired by the colors of

Black has its place in every woman’s wardrobe – workout clothes included! But this summer, kiss blah black goodbye and let the bright colors of the season inspire what pants you wear to the gym. If shorts aren’t your thing or your gym has the a/c pumping, summer-themed pants are a must.

Here are my top picks for colorful women’s workout pants inspired by summer:


colorful workout capris splits59

Reminiscent of a big bowl of sherbet, these fun-colored Nova Trailblazer Performance Capri by Splits59 will turn heads in the gym for all the right reasons. With solid construction and thick enough material so there’s no show through (I own these in a different color), they’ll soon become your new summer faves and literally brighten your day. Can’t get enough of that sunny yellow!


actio926 leggings colorful

Not only are these Actio926 Rock The Course leggings colorful, but they’ll support your muscles with compression technology no matter what high-energy activity you choose. These multicolor leggings — that also come in a capri length — remind me of a big bouquet of flowers. What’s not to love?


athleta sunset pants

You can’t go wrong with Athleta’s performance fitted Floral Fade Sonar Capris that wick sweat and still allow your legs to breathe with the mesh ventilation. And let’s talk about that eye-catching print… it reminds me of the prettiest sunset around and is on point for workouts all summer long and beyond.


nike pool aqua capris

Nike never lets us down with cool styles and patterns and these Legendary Crisscross Capris are no exception. Ultra soft, flattering and made with Dri-FIT jersey fabric to keep you dry, these capris that match your favorite swimming pool do the trick no matter your summer fitness activity. They also come in black and white if that’s more your style.


drink reebok pineapple pants

Nothing says summer like a tropical drink on the beach! As much as we try, we can’t be at the beach all the time, so bring the tropics to your legs  instead in these Pineapple Capris from Reebok. Silky soft and perfect for yoga, these capris prove that Reebok’s fave season is summer.

Any colorful workout pants on your radar for summer?


Sherbet Photo credit: Ruth and Dave / Foter / CC BY

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Where to buy cheap women’s workout clothes that don’t look cheap

Where to buy cheap workout clothes

No one wants to spend their whole paycheck on workout clothes but we don’t want our clothes to look cheap either. Are there places to get workout clothes that look great, wash well and are in our budget? Of course! Here’s where to buy cheap women’s workout clothes! No one will know how much you paid if you don’t tell them!

New workout clothes


Target sells just about everything and if you haven’t considered shopping there for workout essentials, it’s time to start. They’ve stepped it up in the activewear department and have well-made clothes for wallet-friendly prices. The C9 Champion line exclusive to Target is worth a look — love their seamless sports bras.

Daily deal sites

Sites like HauteLook feature a selection of merchants with women’s, men’s and home sales that run for a couple of days — activewear included. You can snag pieces from popular brands for deep discounts. I’ve seen Lucy, Marika, Reebok and more on HauteLook and joining the free site is worth it. Likewise, The Clymb is a daily deals site that also offers 50-75% percent off retail prices on outdoor gear, clothing and more.


For fashionable, well-made workout wear, look no further than Fabletics. This subscription activewear brand is making waves in the fitness world because you can get a whole outfit for half the price of what you’d pay for a luxury brand. Their clothes wear well, are functional and the styles can’t be beat. Best part? Your first outfit is half off via this link. Check out my review of Fabletics here.

Many major activewear brands like Reebok, Puma, Nike, Adidas and more have outlet stores (even Lululemon!) so see if there’s one by you and save money on new clothes. Another perk is that hard to find sizes and styles are sometimes easier to score at an outlet. If there aren’t any outlets in your area, check to see if they have an outlet section of their website and be sure to do a quick internet search for outlets next time you’re traveling. There are so many deals to be had on workout clothes at outlet stores.

hautelook workout clothes online

Gently worn workout clothes


eBay is popular for a reason. You can buy anything under the sun which includes workout clothes, both new and used. To score a deal on eBay requires a little bit of patience but it’s well worth it. You can find rare colors and sizes and items from a bunch of brands. Watch items you’re interested in and make a bid at the end of the auction. You may end up with a new or nearly new item at a fraction of the retail price.

Second-hand shops online

Sites like Poshmark and Tradesy allow you to sneak a peek inside the closets of women across America and buy gently worn clothing from top brands. Browse the site or search for a specific item and get a deal on items from brands like Athleta, Nike, Lululemon and more. You might even want to sell a few things of your own that are currently collecting dust in your closet.


Remember that no matter what brands you buy, to keep them looking good, it pays to wash your workout clothes correctly!

Where do you buy cheap women’s workout clothes?

How to wash workout clothes

How to wash workout clothes
Doing regular old laundry doesn’t rank high on most people’s favorite household chores list, but when you have loads of workout clothes to wash that require extra care, doing laundry can be even more of a time-consuming pain. Women’s activewear can’t just be thrown in with the towels and then dried along with everything else. To make sure your workout clothes stay in tip-top shape, make a note of these tips on how to wash workout clothes.


Less is more when it comes to detergent.

Contrary to what you might think, it’s not necessary to double up on detergent if your clothes are extra dirty. Though it may seem logical, more detergent doesn’t do a better job since washing machines have standard cycles that are only capable of processing a certain amount of detergent. The excess will just build up in your clothing and trap dead skin on your clothes. Shape magazine says this creates the perfect breeding ground for fungus. Eww! Oh, and skip the fabric softener. It’s not made for stretchy fabrics!

Hand wash whenever possible.

This is the top tip on how to wash workout clothes, and even though it’s a little more work, the results are well worth it. Keep in mind that workout clothes are made of delicate, stretchy fabrics that don’t take kindly to the rigorous cycles of your washer and dryer. Instead, hand wash your gym clothes with a mild detergent. Sometimes even the gentle cycle on your washer is too rough! If you must wash your workout clothes in a machine, choose a cold water cycle to prevent shrinkage and to stop the colors from bleeding.

Air drying is your friend.

The heat of a dryer will not do your workout wear any favors in the long-term and may even cause the item to shrink or wear out quicker than it should. Depending on the item, you can hang it or lay it flat to dry on a drying rack or outside (the sun is a fantastic odor neutralizer). Yes, this takes time so you may have to plan ahead if you know you wear a specific sports bra for a specific workout, but the benefits of air drying your workout clothes are worth the extra effort. If you don’t have time to air dry, make sure you use a low-heat setting on your dryer.

Wash inside out.

The fabric that was against your sweaty skin is what needs the most attention so turn your workout clothes inside out before you wash them to preserve the colors and make sure the dirtiest parts get the attention they need.

Use a specialty detergent.

Sometimes regular laundry detergent doesn’t cut it. To ensure a thorough clean, pick up a detergent that’s formulated specifically for gym clothes. Real Simple recommends Sports Suds which works its magic on tough stains and stinky clothes. It even works on sneakers!

Another tip? Pop the extra-delicate pieces like undergarments that are likely to snag in a mesh lingerie bag. And the strangest tip we’ve come across? Putting your smelly clothes in the freezer! Cleaning expert Jolie Kerr says it kills smells.

Any tips to add on how to wash workout clothes?

Workout shorts for women who hate shorts

workout shorts for women

Workout pants have their benefits but sometimes you want to switch it up. But what’s a pants-loving gal to do when the temperature soars or when all her pants are in the wash? Leave the tight, uncomfortable wedgie shorts home and opt for one of these flattering pairs of workout shorts for women who hate shorts.

Whether you think you’re too pale, have too much cellulite or just don’t like shorts, maybe it’s time to reconsider your point of view. Any of our perceived flaws are just in our head and no one else notices or cares. What will they notice about these workout shorts for women picks? Awesome design and style. Every woman can wear shorts and feel confident and cool all workout long — even those of us who hate shorts!

Workout shorts for women

1. These Nike Rival Printed Shorts were created with performance in mind and will keep you dry with the moisture wicking poly-stretch blend. Hot! ($33)


2. Sometimes simple workout shorts for women are best and these Nike Tempo Track Sport Shorts are all you need to stay cool and comfy all workout long. With an inner liner and quick drying material, you can run, stretch and jump your way to a strong finish. ($30)


3. Hate shorts but still want to stay cool? Enter this Lorna Jane Pivot Core Stability Skort that’s just as flattering as it is fashionable. This skort moves with ease and has a short lining. ($44)


4. Rock a bold pattern with this Reebok CrossFit Ass To Ankle Short. They’re made of recycled polyester and stretch weave construction and are perfect for high-performance exercise. ($60)


5. These bright pink workout shorts from Mango are lightweight, have an inner lining and come complete with a back zipper pocket so you can keep your small valuables safe and sound until the workout is over. ($40)


What are your favorite workout shorts for women?

Fabletics review: Is it worth it?

Fabletics reviews- Is the subscription

Looking for Fabletics reviews and wondering if you should sign up? Is the workout apparel subscription service worth your hard-earned cash? In a word, yes. Here’s my Fabletics review blog post telling you why.

What is Fabletics?

Fabletics, a joint venture between actress Kate Hudson and JustFab, is a monthly subscription activewear site that makes looking good in the gym affordable. Their site reads: “Fabletics apparel focuses on fit, function and style, offering complete, coordinated Outfits for your workout and beyond.” All of the pieces are Fabletics’ own brand and outfits consist of sports bras, tanks, long and short sleeve tees, shorts, leggings, capris and more.

is fabletics good quality

How does it work?

You sign up with your email address, fill out a questionnaire about your favorite pieces to wear, your body type, etc. and are shown a bunch of outfit options that match your tastes. You then choose whether to buy or pass each month and get this — your first outfit is 50% off with my link. By signing up you also have access to VIP pricing going forward. There’s no membership fee or anything additional to pay to have access to the VIP pricing.

After your first purchase, you have the option on the 1st of each month to either 1) buy one of the outfits recommended for you via email on the 1st, 2) buy something else on the site 3) buy nothing at all.

If you choose to buy nothing, just pass by the 5th of the month, and you’re not charged. If you do choose to buy an outfit, you pay $49.99 or a slight bit more depending on what you choose and that usually includes two or three items.

Also, shipping and returns are free. The site says there’s no cancellation fee if you’re looking to cancel the service and you can do so at any time by contacting Fabletics by mail or phone.

Right now you can use my Fabletics link here to get your first order at 50% off (at US$25ish for the WHOLE outfit) which makes it ridiculously affordable.

Are Fabletics pieces just as high-quality as high-end brands?

Yes and no. I have several outfits from Fabletics and I feel for the price, Fabletics has far surpassed my expectations. That said, not every single piece has had me raving and the fit isn’t always 100% — but then again I didn’t pay a premium price. Overall, I find the quality of Fabletics clothes to be great. Pants are thick enough so that there’s no show through and the materials used are soft and functional. The clothes are designed to be trendy and fashionable and I truly enjoy having the option to buy Fabletics clothes at VIP prices each month.

fabletics reviews

Biggest misconceptions about Fabletics

1. That you’re required to purchase something every month.

No, this is NOT the case! You have the option to pass every single month if you choose and are under no obligation to buy anything at all. But do be aware that if you forget to pass the month (a single click on their site and that’s all you have to do to pass, easy!) you will be automatically charged. Then that outfit credit remains in your account. But if you don’t want to deal with being charged by accident, just pay attention to your email each month or put an alert on your phone to pass by the 5th and you won’t have any problems.

2. That you are under contract for a certain amount of time.

Nope, not true either. You can cancel whenever you feel like it by contacting Fabletics’ customer service department. You aren’t under any obligation to buy a certain number of outfits or stay a member for any amount of time.

Check it out here!

So is Fabletics worth it? Definitely! What’s your experience been?


8 Sports bras with cool backs

8 Sports bras with cool backs

Gone are the days of boring sports bras that prioritize function over fashion. Let’s turn that around and get you moving in one of these 8 sports bras with cool backs.

1. Montiel, $38

teardrop bra montiel cool back

Montiel’s Teardrop Bra boasts a unique vertical back strap and comes in a bunch of summer colors that pop. A Supplex-Lycra blend, this cool sports bra provides flattering support and takes the pressure off your shoulders.

2. Cory Vines, $30

sports bras with cool backs cory vines

This ultra-breathable, low/medium support scoopneck The Path Trapeze Bra is perfect for yoga and might just become your new fave. The strappy back is guaranteed to turn heads, so show it off in an open back tank or something sheer. It comes with removable cups if you’re looking for a little more coverage.

3. Fabletics, $15.95 with VIP pricing

sevan sports bra fabletics

Fabletics is an online workout apparel subscription site co-founded by actress Kate Hudson that you need to check out if you haven’t heard of it. The brand’s Sevan Sports Bra is an affordable option to add to your gym rotation. The neck strap adds interest and support while the soft, seamless material will make you feel like you have nothing on.

4. Onzie, $40


Talk about hot! This unique Onzie Elastic Sports Bra has a minimalist vibe going on and comes in a bunch of different colors. The elastic will keep everything in place while you focus on your workout.

5. Lululemon, $48

sports bras with cool backs lululemon free to be wild
Lululemon dominates the market of sports bras with cool backs for a reason and the Free To Be Wild Bra explains it all. With eight perfectly spaced straps that crisscross in the back at just the right place, this beautiful low-support sports bra is sure to be popular for years to come. Check out the variety of prints and colors — there’s something for every gym personality!

6. Figg Activewear, $56

figg strappy sports bra

The little black dress of sports bras, this Strappy Black Bra from Figg goes with anything and everything. Display the straps in their glory by wearing the sports bra alone with capris or shorts, or if you’re feeling shy, wear it under a tank and let the straps peek out. Just wear it!

7. Kiava, $34

kiava endurance bra

The Kiava Endurance Bra with a crisscross design is perfect for running and other high impact activities when you need your chest to stay put. Lightly lined but not padded, this eye-catching bra is both stylish and functional no matter your size.

8. Aeropostale, $19.50

aeropostale strappy bra

Available in four colors, this Aeropostale strappy bra is ideal for low-impact workouts or even under a sexy open back top when you’re not at the gym. The thin straps around back command attention and all eyes will definitely be on you.

Any other sports bras with cool backs you’d like to add? What’s your fave?

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