Surprise, my 2 most flattering workout pants are NOT black

Surprise, my 2 most flattering workout pants are NOT black

We all want to look fit and confident when we’re working out and try to choose pants that firm and flatter all of our best parts. But with all the choices out there, sometimes it’s easiest to just grab a pair of black workout leggings and call it a day. Not so fast! My two most flattering workout pants are actually NOT black. Not even close.

So what are the most flattering workout pants in my closet?

They’re from Puma and Reebok, two brands I only started wearing in the past year or so thinking they wouldn’t look great on me. How wrong I was! Both pairs below have gotten me numerous compliments at the gym and would work well in group fitness classes.

The 1st most flattering workout pants I own:


It surprised me because they aren’t high compression and they’re BRIGHT making me think they wouldn’t slim at all. The material is buttery soft, moves with you and is relatively thin yet they are super flattering. Sometimes it pays to just try something you normally wouldn’t! (and the matching bra if you love the print) You can check out Reebok patterned leggings here.

The 2nd most flattering workout pants I own:

puma clash flattering

Puma Women’s WT Clash Long Tights, Black/Turbulence/Salmon Rose, Small

Why are these workout leggings flattering? Maybe it’s the pattern or the material, but honestly the light color is slimming and the black panels add interest. They come in a few color varieties as well. I never would have tried them myself until a few trainers at my gym showed up wearing them and had to see for myself. Glad I did!


Sometimes it’s best to step out your comfort zone and start trying on colors and styles you normally wouldn’t. What do you have to lose? You never know what works until you try it! And if they don’t look good, no worries because there are thousands of other flattering workout pants to try!

Did a certain brand surprise you lately?

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