Workout shorts for women who hate shorts

workout shorts for women

Workout pants have their benefits but sometimes you want to switch it up. But what’s a pants-loving gal to do when the temperature soars or when all her pants are in the wash? Leave the tight, uncomfortable wedgie shorts home and opt for one of these flattering pairs of workout shorts for women who hate shorts.

Whether you think you’re too pale, have too much cellulite or just don’t like shorts, maybe it’s time to reconsider your point of view. Any of our perceived flaws are just in our head and no one else notices or cares. What will they notice about these workout shorts for women picks? Awesome design and style. Every woman can wear shorts and feel confident and cool all workout long — even those of us who hate shorts!

Workout shorts for women

1. These Nike Rival Printed Shorts were created with performance in mind and will keep you dry with the moisture wicking poly-stretch blend. Hot! ($33)


2. Sometimes simple workout shorts for women are best and these Nike Tempo Track Sport Shorts are all you need to stay cool and comfy all workout long. With an inner liner and quick drying material, you can run, stretch and jump your way to a strong finish. ($30)


3. Hate shorts but still want to stay cool? Enter this Lorna Jane Pivot Core Stability Skort that’s just as flattering as it is fashionable. This skort moves with ease and has a short lining. ($44)


4. Rock a bold pattern with this Reebok CrossFit Ass To Ankle Short. They’re made of recycled polyester and stretch weave construction and are perfect for high-performance exercise. ($60)


5. These bright pink workout shorts from Mango are lightweight, have an inner lining and come complete with a back zipper pocket so you can keep your small valuables safe and sound until the workout is over. ($40)


What are your favorite workout shorts for women?

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